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  • Nectars «Sady Kubani»

    We produce tasty natural nectars filling them in easy-to-use packages and selling them at an attractive price. Producing our nectars we walk after the following rule: “The most important thing is contents. We use only fruits of the best quality!” That is why we are scrupulous about selection of raw material for our nectars. We guarantee that this product is appropriate for children from the age of 3 years.
    “Sady Kubani” nectars comply with the requirements of technical guides and regulations concerning food production and safety.

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  • Juices and drinks «Divny Sad»

    “Divny Sad” juices and drinks are nature-inspired juices, nectars, and drinks complying with the requirements of State Standard GOST 32104-2013. We fill “Divny Sad” products in glass bottles to make you able to see and know what you buy. Our “Divny Sad” dry fruit drinks will be liked by people preferring to quench their thirst with authentic national drinks.

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  • Juice drinks «VkusnoSok»

    Tasty, rich, and refreshing “VkusnoSok” drinks are Ekspress-Kuban Company’s new product. A lot of tastes, perfect quality, and a great variety of packages! Everyone will find its own “Vkusnosok”. The product does not contain any preservatives or dyes. It is produced in accordance with the requirement of GOST 32105-2013 State Standard. “Vkusnosok” juice drink is notable also for its price affordable for mass buyers, which is, undoubtedly, another great advantage of the product.

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  • Juices “GOST”

    Taking into account state institutions’ need for cheap and high-quality products we have developed a special line of juices complying with all the requirements of GOST R 32103-2013, GOST R 32101-2013, and GOST R 32100-2013 State Standards. Our “GOST” juices are filled in 0.2 and 1 liter tetrahedral packages and 3 liter glass cans. In this line you will find the most demanded products at affordable prices.

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  • Private label

    In addition to the development of its own brands of the Limited Liability Company “Ekspress-Kuban” (Ekspress-Kuban, LLC) provides services for producing juices and drinks under customers’ private trade mark. We will take into account your needs and demand relating to product price, choose suitable formula, and produce for you juices, nectars, and juice drinks of high stable quality in any container or package you need. Ekspress-Kuban, LLC can produce for you juices under your private label filled in 0.2 liter, 1 liter or 2 liter tetrahedral packages, 3 liter glass cans, 1 liter glass bottles, as well as 1 liter plastic bottles.

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Range of products

Today we produce more than 100 items corresponding with most diverse likes and needs.

  • Поддерживая молодые дарования Кубани!

    Поддерживая молодые дарования Кубани!

    26 August 2016

    Компания «Экспресс-Кубань» выступила спонсором телепроекта – вокального конкурса «Соло Дети».  Мы ответственно относимся к нашему будущему и всячески поддерживаем интересные проекты, которые помогают нашей молодежи реализовывать себя.

    Пожелаем деткам удачи в конкурсе и успехов на творческом поприще!







We do not hold up prices, because we want make high-quality products affordable for mass buyers.


High quality

All our products comply with the requirements of up-to-date technical guides and regulations of the Customs Union, the State Standard (GOST), and the Technical Conditions (TU). We constantly track the quality of juices, nectars, and drinks we produce.