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Private label

tetra packIn addition to the development of its own brands “Ekspress-Kuban” Limited Liability Company (Ekspress-Kuban, LLC) provides services for producing juices and drinks under customers’ private trade mark.

We will take into account your needs and demand relating to product price, choose suitable formula, and produce for you juices, nectars, and juice drinks of high stable quality in any container or package you need. The Limited Liability Company “Ekspress-Kuban” (Ekspress-Kuban, LLC) can produce for you juices under your private label filled in 0.2 liter, 1 liter or 2 liter tetrahedral packages, 3 liter glass cans, 1 liter glass bottles, as well as 1 liter plastic bottles.

If you are interesting in our proposal, please, call us:
+7 (900) 2 444 555 (extension number 5)