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The Limited Liability Company “Ekspress-Kuban” (Ekspress-Kuban, LLC) was founded in 1999 in the town of Yablonovsky of the Republic of Adygea. The choice of that place for production start-up was not occasional. On the one hand, the town is situated in the immediate vicinity of Krasnodar city, and on the other hand, location of any production in suburb allows reducing expenses for payment of the services provided by natural monopolies. The mentioned reasons, as well as the vicinity to local raw material suppliers allow us reducing the value of our products for customers to the maximum and providing favorable terms of wholesaling our products.


Today Ekspress-Kuban, LLC produces more than 100 items of products beginning from dry fruit juices filled in 5 liter PET bottles to juices filled in glass bottles produced in accordance with GOST Stated Standard. We constantly renew the range of our products in accordance with our customers’ expectations.

All our products are certified and comply with the State Standard (GOST) and the Technical Conditions (TU).


Stable annual growth of our products volumes proves the demand for our products at the market of the South of Russia, as well as Ekspress-Kuban, LLC’s stable leading positions in its production sector.

Specialization in production of juices and drinks is an important characteristic property of our business. As a result of such specialized work and development we provide the most comfortable conditions for work with wholesale customers including strict adherence to delivery terms and conditions and correspondence of our products to the declared quality.